The Power of E in Action Aboard the USS North Carolina Combining history with your preparation as a corporate leader becomes a fun, engaging and rewarding experience.

Wilmington, NC / USA: USS North Carolina at night.
Wilmington, NC / USA: USS North Carolina at night.

Today’s corporate leaders at every level benefit from opportunities to observe and learn about other leaders who have faced adversity in challenging environments. Reading is one way to learn, but participating is a better way.

Come immerse yourself in a variety of leadership skills training programs provided in the intense environment that changed the course of the 20th Century. Here aboard the battleship North Carolina, awarded 15 Battle Stars during combat action in World War II, the concepts of character, integrity, responsibility, accountability, precise communication, managing priorities, sustaining energy while under pressure, team-work, building a motivational climate and a host of vital 21st Century leadership strategies come alive. Combining history with your preparation as a corporate leader becomes a fun, engaging and rewarding experience.

Aboard the North Carolina

As you explore the ship and take part in “School of the Ship,” practical leadership concepts proven in military and corporate settings come alive allowing you to put many of the concepts into personal context with lasting impressions. As you get a glimpse of preparing the ship for battle, planning fleet operations, manning the giant gun turrets and operating a steam-driven propulsion plant, you’ll gather a true sense of the human element in the success of any team and business. Finally, and most importantly, participants will gather to share observations and insights. From the captain’s perspective, you’ll begin to formulate how you will put these concepts into practice and build your personal action plan to improve your leadership capabilities and thus contribute to your organization’s success.

In addition, the Officer’s Wardroom during a hosted luncheon allows everyone the opportunity to experience the environment of a warship at sea and the value of camaraderie among its leaders. Even the simple concepts take on new meaning for relationships with your colleagues.

In addition, while on board the battleship you will be encouraged to learn more about the “Showboat” and its place in history during the Battle of the Pacific. You’ll find this learning environment fun and exhilarating. Evenings will allow you time to experience Wilmington, the Port City. In addition to being a gate-way to North Carolina beaches, it has a rich colonial and Civil War history within walking distance of your hotel. A variety of restaurants provide excellent dining experiences.

"Leadership consists of picking good men and helping them do their best."

– Chester W. Nimitz