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Leadership & Performance
and the Academy Leadership Advantage:

In partnership with Academy Leadership we provide the proprietary tools that enable leaders to discover their personal style and leverage their talents to provide more effective leadership. While going from “knowing” to “doing,” you and your cross-generational teams can build a culture that consistently gets results. We can help you tailor your program to start at any level you feel appropriate to achieve your vision. The programs can be provided virtually, on-site or off-site at a location like our unique Battleship North Carolina platform in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Our Programs

1 Full Day

Understand each person’s leadership style and expectations; Become a better listener; Improve team communication and foster an inclusive environment; Develop a personal leadership philosophy that expresses your style and how it will resonate with your team.


Minimum of 10 Participants

2 Full Days +coaching

In addition to the JumpStart outcomes, the participant gains confidence in how to develop trust among peers and reports by learning and demonstrating the values-based principles of coaching, providing a motivational environment, setting priorities and more efficient time management. All lead to developing a bias towards action.


Minimum of 5 Participants

3 Full Days +coaching

In addition to the Jumpstart and Bootcamp outcomes, the participants will also learn and demonstrate additional proficiency in performance coaching, keen insights into goal setting and the importance of establishing accountability, as well as the importance of giving and receiving feedback and leveraging conflict.


Maximum of 10 Participants

Admiral Chester Nimitz knew your pain!
Admiral Chester Nimitz knew your pain!

3 Full Days +coaching

As a successful leader, you’ve been in tight squeezes before. Maybe you’ve been part of a faltering company or department. Resources are drying up. Morale is low. Some finger pointing. Accountability is lacking. You are being over-whelmed by the competition. Your options are limited. You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Starting at $2950

PER PERSON. Maximum of 10 Participants

Here’s the Big Question:

Are you unsure about the current state of your organization’s work culture?

Whenever we begin speaking with a new client about leadership, communication, or relationship building, we begin with some -or all- of these questions. And if you’re able to answer these open and honestly, 99/100 times you’ve built a clear roadmap to improving performance and culture. Let’s see how you do:

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