E1: ENLIGHTEN It's your vision
now commit!

E2: ENGAGE Does your vision reach, inspire,
and guide your team?

E3: EMPOWER Let us give you the tools
needed for excellence.

The Power of E

The Leadership & Performance Model.

The USS North Carolina Battleship at sunset on the Cape Fear River, running high from the hurricane. -Photo by

Leadership and performance are the hallmarks of all great organizations. Like the U.S. Navy warships that battled across the Pacific during WWII, today’s corporations must bring together individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents to generate a culture of excellence.  To compete at the highest levels, history has proven that nothing can take the place of a winning spirit generated by solid leadership at all levels.

But past success doesn’t allow you to rest. Today’s Naval ships must constantly demonstrate their ability to perform up to the highest standards of engineering plant operations, logistics support, combat systems operations and other critical categories. Winning the Battle Excellence “E” indicates the ship has built a culture of excellence and can demonstrate daily its capabilities to sustain that excellence.  Corporations must strive for the same sustainable culture.

The partnership of Leadership and Performance and Academy Leadership can put the power of “E” to work in your organization.  From our Jumpstart for teams, to our Capstone for top executives, our programs provide values-based leadership principles proven in the military and successful corporations.  Let us help you build a program designed to sustain the culture that you need to compete successfully.  Start the process with a look at our survey or a conversation with our CEO, Ron Hewett.

The Power of E: Excellence in Action.

After a successful Naval career, Leadership & Performance CEO & Founder Ron Hewett carried this discipline with him to the private sector. At the world’s largest maritime ports operation he helped develop a safety program that received a 97% employee engagement rating. Operations, customer service and sales rallied around the safety turnaround. Operations boomed, sales and customer service sky-rocketed. This was not magic. This was leadership from top down getting behind a unified vision. Let’s begin:

"Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion."

– Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, CEO, Airbnb


The Power of E aboard the USS North Carolina

Today’s corporate leaders at every level benefit from opportunities to observe and learn about other leaders who have faced adversity in challenging environments. Reading is one way to learn, but participating is a better way.