Leadership and Performance Strategies LLC

Business Summary:

Leadership and Performance is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVO) small business that assists organizations to develop the strategies that will enable them to compete successfully by developing exceptional leadership and consistently perform to the highest standards.

We provide the tool set you need to maximize results, whether you have a team of executives working to develop innovative solutions or a team of military-industrial athletes striving to maintain mission readiness while sustaining a healthy quality of life. Companies of all sizes rely on us for developing enterprise strategies for success that support the mind and body. We’ll help you inspire your team and get you on the path to success immediately.

Core Competencies:

Leadership and Performance is a certified franchisee of which enables us to offer top-tier services in leadership development such as our Energize2Lead and Personal Leadership Philosophy Workshops which were awarded Top Ten status by in 2021 as the best team-building and leadership foundation courses offered.

In addition, our exclusive partnership with DURO Health LLC allows us to offer patented human performance analysis equipment and patented analytics to reduce physical injuries, provide pre-habilitative care and strengthening resources for rehabilitation. These multivariate capabilities allow Leadership and Performance to lead the way for military Human Performance Optimization (HPO) programs and Optimization of the Human Weapons System (OHWS) programs. Our multi-faceted approach provides organizations the strategies to:

Innovate and collaborate
Improve employee engagement
Reduce employee medical costs
Increase employee availability and productivity
Improve quality of life
Improve recruitment and retention

"Leadership consists of picking good men and helping them do their best."

– Chester W. Nimitz


Leadership and Performance uses a combination of successful strategies that have been developed in the military and corporate environments.

We advocate time-tested principles and a mindset of discipline to support continuous improvement. Our basic model is: 1) engender commitment of individuals and teams; 2) provide a plan with practice that takes people from knowing to doing; and, 3) through coaching, develop the discipline to make the changes long-lasting. Teams we work with will:

1. Develop a powerhouse of innovation and collaboration
2. Improve employee engagement above 95% for operations and safety
3. Reduce medical costs by 75%
4. Improve all physical factors of mission readiness
5. Develop a world-class safety mindset
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Past & Current Performance:

1. 142d Fighter Wing
at Portland Air National Guard Base

Contract No. W50S8Y-20-P-5002
March, 2020 – Current
(Previous Contract – June, 2016 – March, 2020)

Point of Contact:

Col Todd “Tupac” Hofford
– 142 FW Commander
(971) 209-9108

A 142 FW rated pilot with over 1600 flight hours, who was indefinitely DNIF from a previous spine surgery, was able to return to full-duty after completing their TX course in the Summer of 2018.Another senior Redhawk pilot is cleared to become the only combat aviator in the world who received a cervical spine disc replacement and return to the cockpit of an ejection seat aircraft,due to their participation in Fit4FlightTM.

2. 173d Fighter Wing at Kingsley Field

Contract No. W912JV18P7019
September, 2018 – Current

Point of Contact:

Lt Col Adam “Axe” Gaudinski
– 173 FW MXG Commander
(719) 963-7708

Five rated instructor pilots at the 173, who had been scheduled to go med-boarded due to spinal symptoms, were able to avoid being medically retired after participating in the program for just five months. DURO F4FTM has also started testing each F15 student to determine pre-career physiological spine data and compare with future physiological standing. In October 2020, F4FTM assisted in returning the second fighter pilot in the world with a cervical spine disc replacement back into the cockpit, allowing him to continue his career with the USAF as Instructor Pilot (IP). He is the first IP in the military to perform these duties with an artificial disc.

3. 304th & 306th Rescue Squadrons at Portland & Davis Mothan AFB (DURO is the subcontractor on this contract)

Contract No. FA487718C0016
September, 2018 – Present

Point of Contact:

Maj Casey Dierickx
304th RA
(503) 894-1743

DURO implemented the POTFF on-base model providing rehabilitation, mental health and strength & conditioning services. DURO delivered personnel, data reporting and equipment for the 304 & 306 RQSs on the first day of the contract.