Fast Track


Fast Track
Fast Track


In addition to the Jumpstart and Bootcamp outcomes, the participants will also learn and demonstrate additional proficiency in performance coaching, keen insights into goal setting and the importance of establishing accountability, as well as the importance of giving and receiving feedback and leveraging conflict.

Why Fast Track?

Whether as a CEO or department head with your support staff or a team of managers and supervisors, we can provide a high energy environment to discuss specific corporate and work-place challenges and build strategies to bring your culture to the next level. 2-day and 3-day on or off-site programs consistently bring out the best in any organization during challenging times. We provide a tailored battery of modules to provide the structure to start the conversation, then help clients sort through the complexities of goal setting within the context of the organization’s vision and objectives and help them sharpen their focus on what matters in their corporate culture. Our programs have helped teams develop a focus on safety, efficient operations, customer service, sales and other elements needed to support a culture of excellence. Action plans are one of the outcomes and a re-kindled energy gets you on the move to accomplishment.



"This course is 3 days of intensive leadership training. It is an “eye opener” and allows you to reflect on your leadership skills. All topics are very relevant and beneficial. The class is small enough to accommodate regular participation and keep the attention of all participants."

– Angel Babb, Inovis USA, Inc.


3 Full Days plus coaching
In-house, Offsite, or Virtual (In-house & Virtual Programs may be spaced over 1 month)
Three Days for Executive Offsite
7 Modules in Addition to JumpStart Tailored to Your Organization
Maximum of 10 Participants
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