The Art of Strategic Leadership


Leadership consists of picking good men and helping them do their best."

– Chester W. Nimitz


As you walk the decks of the Battleship North Carolina and experience what the officers and crew faced during WWII, you will see how we combine the elements of history, the visualization of values and an understanding of how culture supports your corporate vision. You’ll find from the beginning that your time on the battleship far exceeds any classroom experience.

School of the Ship: A Deeper Dive into Leadership Strategies

As a successful leader, you’ve been in tight squeezes before. Maybe you’ve been part of a faltering company or department. Resources are drying up. Morale is low. Some finger pointing. Accountability is lacking. You are being over-whelmed by the competition. Your options are limited. You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Don’t despair, in 1941, your predecessor, Admiral Chester Nimitz was in that position and, quite frankly, did have the weight of the world on his shoulders. He arrived at Pearl Harbor in December 1941 to take command of the Pacific Fleet. Before him was practically the entire US Navy fleet either sunk or severely damaged. His distant forces were surrounded by the Imperial Japanese fleet. The support staff he inherited felt defeated. The enemy was at the door. The American people were depending on him to hold back Imperial Japan and protect U.S. and Allied interests across the Pacific.

Over the next 6 months, Admiral Nimitz and his brave and crippled US Fleet would turn the tide of battle. He deftly positioned his meager resources to stop the hemorrhaging, then took calculated risks to cut off the forward movement of the enemy. By June 1942 he was prepared to take the biggest risk by committing his prime naval assets to defend Midway Island, located 1500 miles northwest of Hawaii.

America had a lot to lose—corporate America has a lot to gain from reviewing the strategic leadership lessons leading up to and during the Battle of Midway. Join us on the Battleship North Carolina, one of the principal participants in the strategy that ultimately swept across the Pacific.


In this course:

Your time in this inspiring course will be divided between presentations and discussions in our waterfront conference room and explorations aboard the Battleship North Carolina, 5 minutes across the Cape Fear River, where it all comes together in an unforgettable experience:

You will start by examining your own leadership style and how it resonates with those you lead and work with.

You’ll develop a Personal Leadership Philosophy by visualizing values-based leadership principles as you explore the battleship and note how your leadership style matches up to the style of the commanding officers who made the “Showboat” a culture of excellence.

As you explore the arts of strategic leadership from the perspective of Admiral Chester Nimitz you’ll have an opportunity to see how his challenges and solutions match up to your modern day challenges.

You’ll share meals and social occasions with your colleagues and embrace the opportunity to get to know your team in a relaxed atmosphere.

A table-top wargame will give you the look and feel of the situation and options facing the fleet commanders approaching the Battle of Midway.

Your team will experience other learning opportunities from a selection of modules tailored to your organization’s needs.

You’ll finish by developing an action plan to bring back to the work-place those learning moments that will help you build and sustain a culture of excellence.


Pricing of the program is per person and will depend on the content and extras that we tailor to meet your needs. You will find it is consistent with the value of our other programs.


3 Full Days plus coaching in Wilmington, NC and aboard the USS North Carolina
Three Days for Executive Offsite
7 Modules in Addition to JumpStart Tailored to Your Organization
Maximum of 10 Participants
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