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Leadership & Performance Courses
and the Academy Leadership Advantage:

To generate the employee engagement necessary to establish and sustain a culture of excellence your team must be provided with the necessary skillset to take on all challenges. We have found that regardless of the work environment, there are common denominators that all good leaders demonstrate and consequently, must have in their skillset if the potential of their team is to realized.


1 Full Day

Includes Two Half Day Workshops:
E2L and PLP

Same Day or Two Separate Half Days

In-house or Virtual

Minimum of 10 Participants


Understand each person’s leadership style and expectations; Become a better listener; Improve team communication and foster an inclusive environment; Develop a personal leadership philosophy that expresses your style and how it will resonate with your team.




2 Full Days plus coaching

4 Modules in addition to JumpStart
(If Jumpstart previously completed, 2 additional modules.)

In-house, Offsite, or Virtual

Two Days Consecutively
or Spaced Over One Month

Available as an Executive Team Offsite

Minimum of 10 Participants


In addition to the JumpStart outcomes, the participant gains confidence in how to develop trust among peers and reports by learning and demonstrating the values-based principles of coaching, providing a motivational environment, setting priorities and more efficient time management. All lead to developing a bias towards action.





3 Full Days plus coaching

7 Modules in Addition to JumpStart
Tailored to Your Organization

Three Days for Executive Offsite

In-house, Offsite, or Virtual
(In-house & Virtual Programs may be spaced over 1 month)


In addition to the Jumpstart and Bootcamp outcomes, the participants will also learn and demonstrate additional proficiency in performance coaching, keen insights into goal setting and the importance of establishing accountability, as well as the importance of giving and receiving feedback and leveraging conflict.