About Ron Hewett
My approach to leadership is based on 40 years of
leadership experience working in a variety of environments
that require a no-nonsense approach...

I am the founder and president of Leadership and Performance.

My leadership and teaching experience is unique. My background includes captain of a US Navy ammunition ship during the Persian Gulf War, manpower and logistics planner for the Navy, several years of teaching high school in an at-risk environment and then joining the world's largest maritime ports operator to build what was regarded as the most effective waterfront safety program in the industry. These challenges and opportunities for success spanned 40 years and gave me a perspective of what it takes to develop a team attitude, foster a problem-solving spirit and work together to get things done effectively.

The leadership perspective that I have shared with businesses and organizations from a variety of cultures is based on careful understanding and practice of what I call the four basic responsibilities of a leader. Starting with the responsibility to listen, I have discussed these simple principles with all levels of leadership--CEOs, mid-level managers, shop supervisors; and, after careful consideration they come to the realization that these concepts, so fundamentally important, are too often disregarded because of their simplicity. Then they realize that if they are to change themselves and their organizations, they must get back to basics. After one session, the transformation is amazing.

As a leadership trainer, advocate and coach, my leadership and problem-solving workshops are balanced with humor and challenge. I bring out the best attributes in teams and individuals while emphasizing basic time-proven leadership principles. I also provide executive coaching with the assistance of feedback instruments provided in association with the Center for Creative Leadership. All programs are performance oriented and focus on application of leadership and problem-solving skills in the workplace, community, and home.

I have dedicated my work and this site to putting practicality and integrity back into leadership so that businesses can prosper, communities can develop and our nation can re-engage the process of building a better future.

Sustainability in Perspective
After a military career, Ron developed and administered a leadership program for at-risk teenagers in the Washington, DC area.