We all have room for growth and development of our leadership assets. At some point in that development, we realize that our contribution to the team's dynamics does have an impact.

The synergy developed by groups of leaders becomes boundless. The more people realize they can contribute, the more they want to contribute.

Think about Sustainability as the initiatives you need to take today, to ensure your business grows, develops and prospers tomorrow.”
Although this track emphasizes individual development, the fact that teamwork is a group of leaders working together makes this individual development a team building experience. The end result of individual leadership development is the building of a strong team which depends on the contributions and assets of all concerned. Diversity takes on new meaning as well.

What we can teach in a half day and full day program will provide a solid leadership foundation and ignite an individual's desire to pursue further development.

1. Leadership that Works.
An enriching leadership experience for middle management and supervisors that taps into their creativity and energy. Fast-paced half day and full day programs are tailored to support your organization's drive to excel while building a formidable team spirit. This straight-forward program prepares participants to get the job done effectively each day. These off-site experiences are fun, productive, and rewarding. Companies and organizations use this program as a lead-in to strategic planning and problem solving.

2. Leadership Boot Camp.
The "Leadership that Works" program in a format for the individual participant who wants to sharpen their leadership attributes and get ahead of peers. Prepares the participant to succeed in a challenging work environment.

3. Brown-bag Lunch Programs.
30-60 minute programs tailored to audiences on-the-go who want a high impact, upbeat approach to discussing the leadership challenges that will define their success in business and in the community.

4. Safety is a Team Sport.
The ultimate leadership challenge.  For companies with significant risk exposure, a team-building program that provides the foundation for a world-class safety culture. Half day and full day programs kick-start your entire organization into a win-win frame of mind. Starting with a foundation of trust based on a mutual commitment to safety in a hazardous work environment, the team then moves on to accomplish any task demanding team work and creativity. The program begins with on-site assessments of the safety and leadership culture and climate. This minimally invasive evaluation will lead to the level of dialog and training necessary to bring the team up to a world-class standard. Follow-up keeps the efforts progressing. This program's return on investment is immediate. (Link to LTI site)

5. Maritime Safety Solutions.
Enables you to take your company to the highest levels of maritime industry safety. On-site assessment and facilitation will build the team and culture that led one company to the pinnacle of international success in reducing injuries and incidents in arguably one of the world's toughest industries and most difficult safety climate.

Our relationship with your organization begins when we discuss what your objectives are in regards to a leadership program. Based on your needs, we will review your work environment and determine the best fit for the number of participants and the location to conduct the program. With these steps we should be able to establish a challenging, fun-filled program within your budget.
We will be glad to accommodate non-profit organizations with a special pricing arrangement.

Always keep in mind our guarantee that if our program does not have an immediate impact on the participants and provide a return on your investment, we will not charge you for the program.

There's value in subtle reminders about our obligations to protect the environment or operate our businesses in a socially responsible and ethical manner.