Offsite Learning & Fun!
Isn't it about time you took your most important personnel resources out for some fun and relaxation?

How about a world-class offsite?

World-class venues coupled with a great program brings success to any organization.
Business climate too tough? Then, how about fun, relaxation and an opportunity to work together to discuss vision, challenges and solve some problems. Work hard, play harder! The Triangle area provides some superb venues to accomplish it all. Full day programs at locations such as Fearrington Village, Mid Pines Inn and dozens of others can be done within any reasonable budget. Travel costs are minimal, food and beverage is world class and the program provided by Leadership and Performance will get everyone into the mood to build your business. These full day programs are at the right pace for participants to have fun while building a team spirit and developing solutions. The benefits are enormous to the team and the organization. Quite frankly, how can do without these opportunities?


"Ron's work with our board took them from wanting to do the right thing, to being effective in actively leading the organization. He jump-started our development of an outcomes-based approach to problem-solving."

Roger, Executive Director of a non-profit in Raleigh area