One-on-One Coaching

Did you ever just want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with someone that knows what you are going through with regard to your leadership challenges?

You just want to vent and maybe hear what someone else did in a time of stress. Or, just want to compare notes and come up with a clear path forward.

Leadership coaching can be that simple. Yet, there are other tools and resources that can be made available to get you up to the performance level that you want to achieve. It all starts with you deciding what level of effort you want to make and who can help you.

I have worked with all levels of leadership-- executives, middle managers, shop supervisors, labor leaders and others. I have found that they all benefit from learning strategies that best suit their personal style. One size doesn't fit everyone. There is no set of "rules" that can be applied to a particular situation.

However, with an understanding of the basic responsibilities of leadership, any person can develop his or her skill set to be able to get things done with other people within the time constraints imposed. Once they achieve a comfort zone, there is no limit to their success and personal fulfillment.