The Answer is in front of you!

The success of your organization or team depends on how well you are able to leverage the resources around you.

I once struck up a conversation with a gentleman who turned out to be the supervisor of an airline baggage handling operation in Charlotte.

You can get a lot done if you don't mind who gets the credit."

I jokingly told him that my latest experience with his airline's baggage delivery system did not go well and I spent more time waiting for a bag than the flight took. Without skipping a beat, he nodded and said, "You know, I've told our managers more than once about some possible solutions that we could employ to be more efficient, but no one listens."

Sadly, he is not the only one that has run into this situation. He had some ideas that may have been beneficial to the folks responsible for making the customer happy, but he was ignored. The answer to problems, or at least part of it, may have been right in front of leadership had they listened to him. They failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

To your team, you must be a lightening-rod for ideas.

You must establish an environment that promotes a sense of comfort and trust for colleagues who want to contribute. When you encourage collaboration, you instill in your team the confidence to become problem solvers.

Perhaps President Ronald Reagan said it best, "You can get a lot done if you don't mind who gets the credit." You can develop that winning spirit within your team. Learn how to capitalize on your team's resources. Let's talk.